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Discussion in 'Predator Armory (Props)' started by vinmanmac, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. vinmanmac

    vinmanmac Hunter

    Hey Do-it-Yourself Hunters.

    I am working on a series of templates for AVP armor pieces.
    Since I am doing the work, might as well make it available to all.

    Please take note measurements are only approximate and will vary from person to person.
    a dude 5'8" will not want to adjust down a tad. a dude 6'2" will want to adjust up a tad.

    Use common sense and try them on to fit.

    Here is the first in the series. As I continue the series I will make the others available as well.

    Vin Man

    here are finished photos of the Shoulder Bells cut with a Dremel from Sintra sign plastic
    • primered in black Plastiidip
    • painted in silver Rustoleum Hammered Metal spray paint
    • washed with gloss latex paint and blotted with a paper towel to age
    • lightly rubbed with silver Rub and Buff paste to add dimension to the pitted texture

    Hope you like the results!


    Shoulder Bell

    x 5 pieces


    Shoulder Bell Vent Trim


    Gauntlet Blades and Toe Dusters


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  2. Brandon

    Brandon Hunter


    sweet these will help me with some peices of my armor!
  3. cayman shen

    cayman shen Hunter

    Nice--keep 'em coming!
  4. vinmanmac

    vinmanmac Hunter

    Here is a new one

    Upper Arm / Bicep Armor


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  5. twisted one

    twisted one Hunter

    Sweet VIn Man, what are you using for material, plastic, latex, metal...?
  6. vinmanmac

    vinmanmac Hunter

    A combo of a few things.

    1) I have a few sheets of sintra plastic that when boiled or heated in an oven you can shape really nicely.
    2) 5 gallon plastic buckets
    3) large diameter PVC pipe

    It may be a while before I get to working on them but I am trying to get the templates built so I can knock them out one at a time.

    here is another

    Front Groin Flap

    Here is the next one

    But Flap







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  7. delonghi

    delonghi Hunter

    many thanks ;)
  8. twisted one

    twisted one Hunter

    Thanks for the info. and the newly posted templates!!! ;)
  9. strigoi

    strigoi Hunter

    Thanks for putting these up. I wasn't planning on useing AVP style armor but trying to design my own and then putting them together wasn't cutting it. I am going to use these and modify them. Thanks Again ;)
  10. Natti

    Natti Hunter

    Thanks so much for posting this info.
  11. vinmanmac

    vinmanmac Hunter

    Here is the next in the series

    Chest/Sternum Plate


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  12. twisted one

    twisted one Hunter

    Sweet, the next installment!!! ;)
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  13. Pred And Butter

    Pred And Butter Unblooded

    That's awesome. I was literally gathering cardboard at work today to start creating templates. Thanks for reading my mind and doing all the work.
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  14. vinmanmac

    vinmanmac Hunter

    I am glad these are starting to become a benefit to those creating their own armor

    Here is another

    I do not claim to be the end all be all in this matter.
    These are so subject to a particular set of screen grabs and any other resource material out there.
    I only attempt to the best I can in interpolating these into realistically working templates.

    This one was the most difficult yet


    Thigh Armor



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  15. hunters prey

    hunters prey Elite Hunter

    major thanks for hte groin, but, and thigh plates. Those were giving me a headache.
  16. Predaman857

    Predaman857 Hunter

    These are awesome man! great work, these will help me with Ideas for these pieces.
  17. vinmanmac

    vinmanmac Hunter

    Here's a little one


    Belt Buckle

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  18. twisted one

    twisted one Hunter

    YESSSS!!!! Love the tutorials!!!
  19. Natti

    Natti Hunter

    I printed out the AVP shoulder armor and started the work on it with foam thanks so much agian for posting this!!!
  20. dude this is so freakin helpful, you have no idea how much you just helped this poor noob out

    hey, if you don't mind how did you get the curve to the sholder pads?
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  21. mortenharket

    mortenharket Hunter

    excellent :D this has give me summit to do over xmas ;0
  22. mortenharket

    mortenharket Hunter

    This is excellent :D ive scaled some of these up on AutoCAD so I can just cut them out and glue them on some foam and plastic sheets. Works a treat :D
  23. Usurper

    Usurper Elder Predator

    Excellent work, this is going to be a godsed for people on a tight budget.
  24. vinmanmac

    vinmanmac Hunter

    I am using large diameter PVC drain pipe.
    Print out the template, use spray adhesive and slap right on the pipe and cut out the shape
    using a Dremel with a cut off wheel. You can boil in water to shape or use a heat gun.
    the pipe already has a curve to it.

    Good luck
  25. torredator

    torredator Hunter

    great stuff!
    now only thing I NEED (not sure about anyone else who visits this forum) is a kickass bio template as the ones i made out of cardboard for my son and the one i made out of packing foam blocks for me i am not satisfied at all with them even though many people like the one i made from cardboard. i just feel that since my wife me and our kids are planning a trip to salem mass. in halloween of "09" i should look good and not some reject that the Yautja wont allow in any clans! lol

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