Consistant bio cast thickness

Discussion in 'Predator Anatomy (Costumes)' started by Dillonusob, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Dillonusob

    Dillonusob Hunter

    Hey bio casters!! Any tips for getting consistent thickness on your bio resin casts? Just finished my best bio yet, but looking to refine my casting technique with a one peice sil-hydrocal mothermold. Specifically towards the outer edges of the bio. Thanks in advance!!

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  2. yoshiwa1985

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    Contact casey mccabe (biohunter). He's by far the best bio producer out there and he's also very helpful
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  3. predatoj

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    Your first two coats should be quick and cover large areas, then make smaller batches of resin and concentrate on smaller areas. Takes longer but you get better even coverage.
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    MEANGENE83 Elite Hunter

    Just watch this.


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