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Discussion in 'General Predator Discussion' started by LunaticNic, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. LunaticNic

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    Had anyone heard any news about the new movies? For instance Shane Blacks pred or Predators from Robert Rodriguez? I know that Rodriguez said that he would first make a sequel to sin city, before Predators ... sin city got its sequel, however nothing to hear about predators ...
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  2. LunaticNic

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  3. Pyromaniac

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    Well, having watched AVPR yesterday, hopefully it'll be better than that :D And released very soon. That would be nice too.
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  4. LunaticNic

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  5. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Predator films always get better. Predators was the best in my opinion. (Plot, Actors etc)
    The fighting is not as good as Predator 2 however, Danny Glover takes the best 1 v 1 by a long shot in my opinion.
    In terms of the range of Predators, Predator 2 just takes the due to the variation but Predators comes close enough.
    What we know is that the technological advancement of the Predator has increased, with the failure of the past it breeds newer more deadlier weapons. I am looking forward to it. Some Cameos would be nice, not speaking of any of the old characters, but mentions of them would be just as good. Cameos as in the Elder etc.
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  6. predtrooper

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    Apparently this is the art work handed in with the finnished script for predator 4 directed by Black for review. if it is, I think this in my skil level to make movie accurate costume! Screenshot_2015-12-06-07-03-53.png
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    BENSIN Elite Hunter

    That artwork looks better than anything newly designed in Predators. I'm hoping Rodriguez and any one else involved in that abomination will stay far away from anything Predator related as their "contributions" to the franchise are nothing but cancerous. Let him go **** up some other iconic movie monster.
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  8. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    The Predators in Predators were designed very well. In fact they created such an abomination that immediately when they were revealed people wanted the super Preds dead. All of the negativity towards Predators comes from personal preference, I personally think it was the best Predator movie. Different story line, it had many features of Japanese film battle royale which is a great film.
    They delivered exactly what they said they would which was a super predator, that is located on an entire different area than the other predators. That being considered obviously they would look different. It's the same concept as the Europeans and the Native Indians.
    They included the original Predator... with a bad ass broken bio mask. So they didn't ' ' up the iconic movie monster... they included him as a protagonist while in other films he is usually seen as the antagonist.
    They included 3 new species of Predator which were from a different part of the planet.
    They did an amazing job. The normal Predator was seen as the native in comparison to the super Predators.
    Can't wait to see what they come up with next.
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    BENSIN Elite Hunter

  10. Predators is an abomination.Shane will ignore it.
  11. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Predators gave a return of 87 million in profit just for the box office. With individuals saying it was bad is simply down to personal opinion, I for one liked the fact that there were different races involved. An Africa, A Yakuza, a Russian etc.. I think that's what made the film best in my books was the variety of cast members.

    If it was so bad why did it rack up 127 million in sales just for it's box office. With many positive reviews. Many call the AVP franchise an abomination but as It was a success and regardless Shane will look for a way to make a profit in order to create more. If Predators wasn't a huge success in box office sales then... they would of scrapped many things.

    "Black has described the film as an "inventive sequel" rather than a reboot, telling Collider that he liked “the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button.” (Possibly includes alot of back story walks of passage the many races of the Predators.
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  12. City90pet

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    I'm going to say it depends on the person and what they like, it was something new that they tried with the hish in predators. The concept was good and I liked the viscousness of Berserker. I will say I can't wait to see the new predator movie. Maybe see some baby yautja? Some yautja prime? Cause 10 seconds in avpr was not enough!
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  13. LunaticNic

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  14. HAL1138

    HAL1138 Hunter

    I liked Mr. Blacks look......until he took off his bio.

    Never thought predators were ugly like all the "hero's" of the movie state but................Damn!!!!!!!! If Berserker Don't look like an insane cuttlefish on Crack with a bad facelift....... :sick:
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  15. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Elite Hunter

    I loved his color scheme, and Bio. While I didn't like the face too much I still enjoyed the overall design and loved the movie.
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  16. BENSIN

    BENSIN Elite Hunter

    That's a weak argument, look at Godzilla 1998 and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, these movies are considered to be the unwanted bastard children of their respective franchises by their fan bases and they still made a ton of money, especially the latter example.

    "Predators" was indeed an abomination as described earlier by another member. The design is trash and the sentiment that "Our Predator is better than SWS's Predator" is also distasteful. I saw Predator and Predator 2, both great movies... Predators was basically a bad fan fiction that turned into a movie for a cash grab. Even AvP and AvP: R were better in terms of the Predator design, although poorly executed in the first AvP. Almost any movie that gets made these days is going to pull in a ton of cash, unless they make a Gigli 2.

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  17. Wreav

    Wreav Community Staff

    Godzilla and The Phantom Menace were great films. Phantom Menace started it all with the amazing choreography it is also listed as the number 1 duel that personified light sabre duelling for years to come. I think for myself on this I don't consider fan bases to even hold any form of legitimacy on any matter. They are simply squabbles of grouped together opinions which is then personified and extended to those who just want to hate on something that includes many things people like. And people fall victim with agreeing with the wider public which is true in most cases.

    I'm going to agree to disagree with everything you said. I just have a different opinion to you, I for one like stories and different concepts with some forms of originality in them. Incorporating different cultures in Predators was great, the different predator concepts bios are great, technology, blaster ect they were great.
    "Our Predator is better than SWS's Predator" well SWS's Predators haven't existed since 1990. They even brought the classic Predator back.
    AVP focuses on the same breed of Predator. The whole concept of Predators was to feature different Predators.
    I had a marathon with all of my class mates we watched all of the Predators most did not watch any of them. And then everyone voted on their favourite one it was Predators with Predator 1 in second place. AVPR was the worst Predator 2 was the 2nd worst and AVP was in the middle.

    The classic Predator was killed by the Beserker. Simple as. Best part of the film. Caused quiet a shock but it was awesome. Never on screen have you seen a Predator kill a Predator.
  18. BENSIN

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    I don't think you're going to find a great deal of people in, or outside a fan base who will agree that those two examples were great films. Also, if you're talking about dueling and production quality in Phantom Menace, that's a topic on its a whole, it is looked down on by a lot more than otherwise. The whole "hater" thing is simply what the pros decide to label the cons as due to difference in opinion, so what if they don't like it? If it sucks, then say it sucks.

    I also like stories and different concepts, but only when they are well done. They incorporated different cultures in the Predator franchise, long before AvP. In Predator 2 we saw a different culture, clearly different and yet SWS managed to stay loyal and present something different while still maintaining plausibility. We had different bios, different tech, etc...

    You're missing the point with SWS, when you're working with an icon, you do it justice, you don't half ass it which is what happened post Predator 2. AvP had promising designs, but poor execution and Predators was a throwaway altogether. Those things might as well not even have been the same movie monster. If I'm watching something called Predator, or any variation thereof related to this iconic beast, then it better be Predator, not some mutant. Anything other than that is sacrilege.

    ...and the best part of that movie is when the Pianist cut that turd's head off, just like FOX should cut the head off any chance of Predators seeing a sequel.

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  19. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Elite Hunter

    It's funny how torn I am with what you said lol. While I feel Avp got the head shape right, in my opinion scars face was worse than that of Berserker. Also they did introduce new tech, weapons, bios, and hunting techniques in the movie, that felt well within reason (to me) for a Predator to use. I'm not quite certain how for instance Avp R ranks higher for you. While I love the fx work, the plot was absolute trash while I feel the oposite for Predators, the only thing I didn't like about their design was the shape of the head, and the single blade. Loved the rest about Predators.
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  20. BENSIN

    BENSIN Elite Hunter

    Well Scar's face was total vomit, the design of the three hero Predators in the first AvP was good, but as mentioned the execution was piss poor. Amalgamated Dynamics I think is the name of the company and they had a couple guys from SWS who founded/ran it and probably still run it...honestly I'd be ashamed if I put out work like that. It's a professional design/costume house and their costumes in the movie looked awful...even with all the editing, still awful.

    AvP: R, sure, the story was doodoo, I agree with you. The design of Wolf however, was superb, save for one minor netting on his legs. That just doesn't even make any sense. I mean...WHY? His look is incomplete. Do you go to work with a button down and tighty-whities? I don't...and I don't know any one that does. That was stupid, the ending was stupid, the hybrid's "insemination" was stupid, I could go on and on...but FOX knew AvP, being a sh*tty movie, still raked in the cash and they knew that AvP: R with a trash story would pull in money too and it did...and to be honest, those movies were really reminiscent of straight to DVD movies in terms of production value...or maybe production QUALITY is the better term, aside from Wolf and ONLY Wolf., where do I start. The faces were awful, the dreads changing color, awful, no netting? Are these people serious? Awful. Even if they didn't commit sacrilege by offing what was pretty much a carbon copy of the ORIGINAL Predator, I would still hate this movie...but because they did that, I will never accept this trash. With out the mask the Berserker reminds me of a...well, how do I put this, it rhymes with Granny, but starts with a T.

    If I took the helm of the next Star Wars movie and created a clone of Darth Vader and had him killed off quickly by some bootleg Sith I came up with by looking at my feces before I flushed it, then SW fans would want me dead. I grew up with Predator and to do that with the original design was poor taste. I wouldn't piss on those people if they were on fire.

    ...hey, at least they did a better job with the sound effects than Paul "Waste of Space" Anderson did in AvP. Who says I'm not a positive guy?
  21. LunaticNic

    LunaticNic Elite Hunter

    Well, I guess we now all have a date set for wich our suits need to be ready :D
  22. Isubomo

    Isubomo Elite Hunter

    Thinking the same thing! XD

    Looking forward to the wait!
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  23. Isubomo

    Isubomo Elite Hunter

    Good find!!! Love how Arnie/Dutch is coming back in some form or another, but really hope to see more about the Yautja world/culture!
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